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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Happy Tuesday!

I realized today that I have a short work week this week (leaving for Florida on Friday), a short work week next week (returning from Florida on Tuesday) and a short work week the following week (President’s Day). That realization in and of itself is enough to make this a happy Tuesday.
P and I are off to Florida to visit my grandfather, affectionately known as Grumpie. Yes I named him that as a child and no, he is not Grumpie. At least not to me, who everyone suspects is his favorite J I have a way with grandparents. P and I used to go down to Florida every New Years and spend a week with my grandparents. Two years ago we even saw Phish in Miami (2nd row seats! With P Funk!). But then last year my grandparents didn’t go to Florida as usual because my grandmother was ill and as we now know, dying. She passed away last February and I miss her so so so much every single day. We were extremely close and she was like another parent to me. This is our first visit to Florida since her death and I am a bit nervous about how I will handle my emotions. Luckily, my Grumpie has moved into a new house recently (not so many memories) and my mom will be there at the same time we are. I love vacationing with my mom. Any of you who think that is weird don’t know my mom!
Speaking of my mom, her 53rd birthday just passed by and guess who knit her a scarf? This must be the 10th scarf I have knit my mom, but for some reason, I love to knit for her. She’s been the recipient of 3 hats, (at least)10 scarves, lady’s work mittens to match one of the scarves, 2 pairs of socks, a Clapotis and now this:

Ruffles Scarf from Scarf Style, knit in pink heather Lion Brand Wool-Ease (I know, yuk, but I love it for its versatility, washability and low low price). This was a fun pattern and I will definitely make another or 2 of these.

In other knitting news, I am still working on P’s socks. The first one is done and the second is in progress:

I’ll be taking Sock #2 with me to Florida, as well as this beauty that I have been dying to start:

Destined to be Jaywalkers

I am knitting these Jaywalkers toe up since I only have two balls of mystery sock yarn/supposedly Regia Crazy Colors (bought for $1 skein without ball bands). I used a short row toe for the first time and I like it, except I always hate the ktog and ptog on short row toes and heels, especially when you wrap with a different color as with stripey yarn. I don’t think I am going to rip it out, but next time I am going to try using the YO short row toe, which I’ve used before with success (that cute bootie pattern from the Interweave site). Don’t ask me why I didn’t just use that method from the start, I wasn’t thinking I guess.

I also have crazy plan-itis, which is when I plan about a thousand projects that I want to knit and I go as far as putting the yarn into an online shopping cart before I bail out. One thing I keep coming back to is the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but I don’t even have the book, so I’d have to buy the book AND the yarn and that just can’t happen right now. Also. OBSESSED. With sock yarn. I attempt to buy more every day, but like I said, bail out last minute. I really want to work through my stash.
This is where two other knit projects come to mind. I have 2 large lots of yarn – some Noro Kureyon that was used to make Klaralund (HUGE mistake for my body type) and some Katia Pisco that was destined for the Cable Eight Top but didn’t make it too far. Both patterns I am eyeing started tempting me from
Cosmicpluto’s site: Top-Down Raglan Cardi for the Noro (but I am still not sure if colorway 80 would look good in this pattern) and Ubernatural from Magknits with Cosmicpluto’s mods for the Katia Pisco. Now to find the time to knit these!

Happy Tuesday Knitting!


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